Boy's death: inquest verdict

An inquest has heard that a star sports pupil from Sussex was run over as he crossed the road to go a rugby match.

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Father learned of son's death by text messages

Video. The father of a teenage boy, run over on the way to a rugby match, says his son's school behaved appalingly. William Avery Wright was killed in the accident outside Worth School near Crawley in Sussex two years ago

The boy's father says he was devastated to learn his son had died via text messages from friends after the school announced his death on its website. Malcolm Shaw reports from the inquest.

Schoolboy's death: inquest verdict

Coroner records verdict of accidental death in case of 13-year-old pupil William Avery-Wright who was run over, crossing the road to a rugby match outside his private school in West Sussex.

Coroner says Worth School's rule banning pupils his age from crossing the 60mph road were "clearly not adhered to". Coroner Bridget Dolan added: "This was a tragic accident."


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