3,000 homes without water

3,000 homes are without water after a water main burst in Ferring in West Sussex this morning.

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A flood in the middle of a heatwave

Video. Three thousand homes were without water for several hours today when a mains pipe burst in West Sussex. The A259 in Ferring was closed early this morning and some schools have been closed.

Bottled water has been handed out at supermarkets in the area to cope with the demand. Charlotte Wilkins has more


Burst water main floods road

A259 water main burst in Ferring Credit: ITV Meridian

More than 3000 homes in Worthing have been left without water after a burst water main.

The A259 in Ferring has been closed because of flooding and is not expected to open for at least 6 hours.

Roads are flooded after a water main burst Credit: ITV Meridian


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