Fans queue for the big game!

An extra 2,000 tickets have been made available for a the friendly game between Real Madrid and Bournemouth.

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  1. Martin Dowse

Fans queue overnight for Bournemouth v Real Madrid tickets

The high profile Spanish football team Real Madrid will come to Dorset in ten days time for what seems to be the unlikeliest fixture of the year. World superstars like Christiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil and Kaka will grace the Bournemouth turf.

Despite the hefty ticket prices, many Cherries fans were prepared to queue through the night to secure theirs. Martin Dowse reports.


Who has waited longest for tickets?

The queue for football tickets Credit: Alex Moneypenny

Football fans have been queuing overnight to get tickets to the Bournemouth and Real Madrid pre-season friendly. Some said they arrived around 3am, just for a chance to buy a ticket. The game is being played on July 21st.

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