Bucklebury waits for Royal baby

The wait is nearly over - today is the official due-date for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby. The Berkshire village where Kate Middleton grew up is preparing itself for the imminent new arrival.

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Beckham 'call royal baby David'

David Beckham Credit: PA

David Beckham has given the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge his full support ahead of the birth of their first baby.

The football star, who attended the couple's wedding in 2011 with his wife Victoria, said William and Kate will be "amazing" parents.

Beckham, a father of four himself, struck up a friendship with William when the pair joined forces to lobby for London's Olympic bid in 2007.

In an interview he said: "They're going to be amazing parents because they are so loving towards children.

"We've seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. And that as a father is really important."

He even helped out the couple by suggesting a name for the new royal arrival.

"David's pretty good ... if it's a boy of course, " he recommended.


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