Driving lessons for the blind

Dorset Blind Association have teamed up with a driving school to offer members a chance to get behind a wheel in North Dorset.

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Blind people given chance to get behind the wheel

Adrian Reigate says the experience gave him a sense of normality Credit: Dorset Blind Association

Visually impaired people have been given the opportunity to get behind the wheel as part of a joint scheme.

Dorset Blind Association have teamed up with Somerset Sight and 2nd2none Driving School to offer members driving lessons in North Dorset

Leah Cross, a home support co-ordinator for Dorset Blind Association, said: "Driving is the one thing that my younger members tell me they would love to do. May either never get the chance to apply for a licence or have it taken away from them when they start to experience visual problems."

Visually impaired Dorset driver, Steve Bailey, said of the experience: "It was heart wrenching and emotional, but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Russell Parsons enjoying the driving experience Credit: Dorset Blind Association
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