Thames Valley rail jobs

A programme to improve the railway on the Western route will boost jobs and economies.

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£33m investment to improve railway

135 jobs have been created as part of the investment project to improve the railway in the Thames Valley.

£33m will be put into the project to create job opportunities and help boost the local economies.

The programme will improve the railway on services including Thames Valley Credit: PA Wire

Rail investments have already generated more than £280m of work to businesses in the south west of England over the last year.

More than 17 per cent of the money went to small and medium-sized businesses in these regions.

Patrick Hallgate, Route Managing Director at Network Rail, said: "Network Rail Western will have a pivotal role to play in driving growth as we plan to transform the Great Western main line into the most advanced intercity railway in Britain by the end of the decade.

"By continuing to invest in the industry, we are also investing in the future of Britain."

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