Pub's tribute to wartime pilot

A pub in Hove will be presented with parts from an aircraft that crashed near the pub and who the landlord named the pub after.

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Tribute to pilot who was shot down in dogfight

The remains of a wartime Hurricane which was shot down during a dogfight over Sussex lay buried and undiscovered for more than 50 years - until in 1996 parts of the aircraft were dug up. They've been in a museum ever since.

That was until today, when some sections of the plane were presented to the landlord of a pub in Hove - named after the pilot and located just yards away from where he lost his life.

Charlotte Wilkins takes up the story and speaks to Keith Arnold, a local historian & John Samuels - an eye witness.

Tribute to Battle of Britain pilot

The WW2 Hurricanes that the pilot would have been flying when he crashed in Hove Credit: PA Wire

A Hove pub, named after a pilot who was killed, will today be presented pieces of a crashed WW2 Hurricane.

The Noble House is named in honour of Dennis Noble who was killed when the aircraft was hit during the Battle of Britain.

A Battle of Britain historian will present the pub with long-awaited pieces from the Hawker Hurricane after the crash site was filled in and the aircraft could not be found.


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