Shipwreck's rudder raised

The rudder of a 17th Century shipwreck off Poole, Dorset, has been raised from the seabed today. It's part of the Swash Channel Wreck lying on a sandbank outside Poole Harbour.

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Swash Channel wreck gives up her history

Carving on top of the ship's rudder Credit: English Heritage

The project is funded by the English Heritage in order to find out more about the 400-year-old ship and its place in history. More than 1,000 artefacts have been recovered from the vessel so far as archaeologists from Bournemouth University try to piece together the ship's history.

The carving on top of the Swash Channel wreck's rudder Credit: English Heritage

Marine archeologists in Dorset are raising part of a vessel known as the Swash Channel Wreck. The 27ft rudder, which weighs four tonnes, will be raised in the hope of providing more clues about the ship.

The Swash Channel wreck is lifted from the seabed off Poole Harbour Credit: English Heritage

Analysis of the artefacts suggest that the ship is from the 17th century and so would have sailed around 1628 to 1650.

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