10-year-old immortalised in lego

A 10-year-old has been made out of lego after being nominated by his family to find a true life hero.

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Boy's lego dream comes true

It's one of those toys that most children grow up having at some point - but for one 10 year old who loves to build - lego is something he will never forget.

That's because he has become the the first member of the public to be re-created out of the bricks. The 10 year old won the chance to become a statue after a competiton to find a true hero.

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Cancer charity hero made out of lego

10-year-old Jack was nominated by his family to be made out of lego in a Legoland competition to find a true life hero.

Jack's mother died of cancer and he has raised thousands of pounds since her death.

Around 25,000 of the famous lego bricks have been used to build life-version of 4ft 6ins Jack.


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