Rain on way for Reading Festival

Festivalgoers have begun to descent on the Reading site for this years extravaganza.

Live updates

20 arrests at Reading Festival

Since the festival site opened on Wednesday, there has been a total of 26 offences and 20 arrests made.

The offences include:

  • 11 thefts from tents
  • one theft from person
  • ten drug offences
  • one public order offence
  • one theft from vehicle
  • one offence of voyeurism
  • one of possession of an article with point or blade

Thames Valley Police are reminding campers to follow the crime prevention advice on their website to help avoid items being stolen from their tent.


Eleven arrests at Reading Festival

The three-day Reading Festival begins today. Thousands of music fans are on their way to the site - with many having already arrived and set up camp. Among the acts featuring are Eminem and Green Day.

Thames Valley Police have said they made eleven arrests at the site on Thursday 22nd August 2013 - Eight over thefts from tents and three over thefts from people. The force has issued crime prevention advice for those travelling to the event - click here to see their tips.

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