HMS Dragon has deck for all sizes

In just a week, the Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon has flown four different types of aircraft.

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Busy week for HMS Dragon in the Gulf

HMS Dragon has flown four different aircrafts during its time in the Gulf Credit: Royal Navy

Portsmouth-based HMS Dragon has flown four different types of aircraft during her operations in the Gulf.

The new air defence warship was designed with a large flight deck which can accommodate many different types of aircraft.

The ship receives a helicopter on its flight deck Credit: Royal Navy

In one week, the ship has operated a US Navy and US Marine Corps helicopter as well as all three types of Royal Navy helicopter.

Lieutenant Commander Jason White, the Principle Warfare Officer on board HMS Dragon,said:

“Our sensors are highly sophisticated and provide plenty of information about the

operating environment. The challenge we have is in adapting our procedures to make the most out of our mutual capabilities.”

A Helicopter landing on the Type 45 destroyer ship Credit: Royal Navy
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