Sheppey 'needs safety measures'

Emergency services in Kent have been dealing with a major collision. More that 100 vehicles were involved in a pile-up on the A249 in Sheppey.

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Calls for urgent safety measures after pile-up

There's mounting pressure for urgent safety measures on the Sheppey bridge in Kent, the scene of a terrifying 100-car pile-up in thick fog. Thirty casualties remain in hospital, eight in a serious condition.

The AA says a small investment in motorway-style matrix boards could have averted the disaster. Damage to vehicles will run into thousands of pounds. Compensation claims for injuries are expected to run into millions of pounds. Fred and Sangeeta linked to Derek Johnson.


Evening report on Sheppey pile-up

Terrified motorists, caught up in the biggest pile-up ever seen in the South-East, have described hearing vehicles plough into one another - for ten minutes - in thick fog.

More than 100 vehicles were involved, with crashes in three different locations on the Sheppey Crossing - the bridge that links the Isle of Sheppey with mainland Kent. Fred and Sangeeta linked to our correspondent Derek Johnson.


Afternoon update on Kent pile-up

Motorists driving like idiots - that's what some believe was the cause of a 100-vehicle pile-up on the new bridge that links the Isle of Sheppey with the mainland. More than 60 people were injured - eight of them seriously.

The incident happened in thick fog and lasted for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into each other. Our correspondent Derek Johnson sent a report from the scene.

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    More than 100 vehicles have been involved in an accident in misty conditions on a bridge and it is believed that there are serious injuries.