Water bills rise is challenged

Ofwat is challenging Thames Water's request to raise the price of water bills by up to £29.

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Ofwat challenges Thames Water's bill rise

Water regulator Ofwat have challenged Thames Water's plans to increase consumer bills.

The requested increase could add a further eight per cent and around £29 to an annual average household bill.

Ofwat is assessing Thames's application to determine whether increases are justified.

Ofwat is making counter-claims to Thames Water about their underspend on sewer flooding, a spillage in their sewage scheme and not adequately maintaining its wastewater network.

Ofwat’s Chief Regulation Officer Sonia Brown said:

“We have been clear that we would challenge Thames’ proposed bill increase. So we are looking to see if there are areas where we can claim money back for customers.”

Ofwat will examine whether there is a case for clawing back gains through this mechanism from Thames.


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