A31 tragedy: Trial opens

Motorists today described the moment when teenager Jade Clark was killed on a busy carriageway, and how the driver Brian Hampton hit her and drove on.

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Day 2: Man accused of covering his role in teens death

Video. The driver accused of attempting to cover up the role he played in the death of a teenage moped rider left a trail of lies in the aftermath of the crash, a court has heard today.

Brian Hampton told his wife he had nothing to do with the collision which left 16-year-old Jade Clark dead on the A31 near Ringwood in February this year.

The jury at Bournemouth Crown Court was also told how he got his car repaired to hide signs of the accident, telling mechanics he had hit a deer. Martin Dowse reports.

Man on trial for perverting the course of justice

The trial of a man accused of perverting the course of justice in the crash which claimed the life of teenager Jade Clark begun today.

Motorists described how Jade, who was riding her moped, was hit by a Volvo but the vehicle failed to stop. The driver was Brian Hampton, who is 58 and from Kent.

The court heard that after the crash, he stopped at a hotel in Poole overnight where he was seen examining the front of his car.

He rang in sick to work and the following day, he returned to Kent.

He allegedly took his Volvo to a repair shop in Kent, telling them he had struck a deer.

He paid for the repairs to be done on his car and said he was third party insured. In fact, he was an uninsured and disqualified driver.

The prosecution allege he deliberately tried to avoid any connection being made between his car and the collision with Jade. The trail continues.


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