Wiltshire robbery mayhem

Police have been called to a robbery in Wiltshire after five men smashed the store and crashed their car as they tried to get away from the scene.

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Robbery investigation continues

Two people, thought to have been involved in a robbery at a jewellers in Wiltshire are still on the run. Deacon and Sons on Marlborough High Street was broken into yesterday. The gang fled in a car which was later found on fire. Another vehicle, pursed by Swindon police, crashed near a hospital.


Car crashed and set alight after Wiltshire raid


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Robbers on run after break in at Wiltshire jewellers

Three men are in custody and a major search is underway after a raid at a jewellers in Marlborough in Wiltshire.

Police were called to the High Street this morning after five men smashed display cabinets and grabbed items of jewellery from Deacon & Sons. They made off in a car which crashed and was set alight near John Coles Close.

Another car made off from police in Swindon before crashing near the Great Western Hospital. Officers are searching the area for the occupants. Police cannot confirm if the two incidents are linked.

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