Sevenoaks grammar school annexe plans rejected

Proposals to build a grammar school annexe have been turned down by the Department for Education.

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Kent County Council 'disappointed' by knockback

This decision from the secretary of state is a setback for the council and the people of Kent, who have put their faith in, and strong vocal support behind, a legitimate and democratic process to campaign for selective education in Sevenoaks...

The council took specialist legal advice on this matter and remain convinced that an annex of an already established grammar school is the right way to respond to this issue.

– Roger Gough, KCC Cabinet member for education and health reform

He added:

We will be examining carefully the points raised by the Secretary of State in making his decision, and discussing them with the two schools concerned and looking at what next steps we might take, in the light of his comments.

While this knockback is particularly disappointing, I will look at what KCC can do to continue arguing this case."

– Roger Gough, KCC Cabinet member for education and health reform


School Annexe

Parents and residents are getting the first glimpse of what a new grammar school annexe in Sevenoaks could look like.

This animation forms part of proposals to build both an annexe and a free school on the old Wildernesse school site following demand for more school places in the area.

Although the law forbids the opening of any new grammars, existing schools are allowed to expand and the Education Secretary is due to make a ruling on the plans shortly. Both Invicta at Maidstone and Weald of Kent in Tombridge have applied to run the annexe.

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