Wiltshire Police alcohol harm week

Police will be supporting a national campaign to highlight the realities of dealing with drunkenness.

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Police back national alcohol campaign

Wiltshire Police are supporting alcohol harm week, which will raise awareness of alcohol-related incidents this week.

From Wednesday to Sunday the initiative will see forces throughout the country taking part in a host of proactive activities to tackle this issue.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams throughout Wiltshire will be engaging in a variety of activities including school visits, Pubwatch meetings, taxi operations and high visibility patrols.

Police will also be working with partner organisations such as Wiltshire Council and Fire and Rescue Service to highlight the issues.

People all too easily forget the risks that come with drinking to excess. If you can’t think clearly you make yourself more vulnerable, are more likely to become a victim of crime and are more likely to be injured or involved in violence. Nationally, nearly 50% of violent crime is alcohol related and in nearly half of all domestic abuse incidents the offenders are thought to be under the influence of alcohol."

– Paul Mills, Chief Superintendent, Head of Local Policing
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