Balcombe drilling complete

Cuadrilla have announce that the Balcombe exploration drilling operations have now been completed. They expect to be out of the site by the 28th of September.

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Fracking protesters ''may be back.''

Protesters have vowed to remain at the controversial drilling test site at Balcombe in Sussex until the area is cleared. Energy firm Cuadrilla is withdrawing from the site where it had been carrying out exploratory drilling.

Anti-fracking campaigners say they will eventually stand-down but will come back if the company returns for further tests. Sarah Saunders speaks to Balcombe protesters and Ewa Jasiewicz from from No Dash For Gas.

Energy firm to carry out tests at Balcombe

The well is now closed off for the coming months as Cuadrilla applies for planning permission to come back and test flow rates. We appreciate that the Balcombe community has had to bear the strain of protest, as have our on-site and support team and contractors.

We commend West Sussex County Council and police for both facilitating peaceful protest and preserving order.”

– Francis Egan, Cuadrilla CEO,


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