Jane Austen's ring staying in UK

A fundraising campaign to buy back a gold ring that was once owned by Jane Austin has been successful.

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Ring owned by Jane Austen is to stay in the UK

The item of jewellery has been bought by the Jane Austen's House Musuem Credit: ITV Meridian

A campaign to buy back a ring that was once owned by Jane Austen has been successful.

The ring went up for auction in 2012 and was bought by American singer Kelly Clarkson.

The Jane Austen's House Museum in Chawton wanted to buy the piece of jewellery, but were unable to raise the funds in time for the auction.

The ring was then put under a temporary export ban, meaning Clarkson was unable to take it out of the UK.

The museum set up the 'Bring the Ring Home' campaign soon after.

An anonymous donation of £100,000 was made as soon as the campaign was set up in August, with other Austen fans from around the world adding their donations too.

The museum has since announced that their offer to purchase the ring has been accepted.

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