Crime spree trio jailed

A traumatised mother has relived the moment she feared for her life when a hammer-wielding gang burst into her home and threatened to kill her.

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  1. Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

VIDEO : Hammer gang jailed

A mother has spoken of her terror when a hammer-wielding gang robbed her house in Kent in broad daylight. The three men thought they could escape justice by wearing hoodies - but a secret camera captured their faces. Sarah Saunders spoke to mother-of-three Toni King.

VIDEO: Kent robbery victim speaks of ordeal

A woman has been speaking about her terror when three men burst into her home in East Kent and threatened her before stealing jewellery and cash.

The men who took part in two burglaries and two robberies in less then two days have been jailed for a total of thirty years. Toni King was grabbed around the throat and threatened with a hammer at her home in the village of Aylesham


Robbers jailed after crime spree

Three men who committed two burglaries and two robberies in less than two days have been jailed for a total of 30 years.

Their crime spree began in January when a house was burgled in East Farleigh in Maidstone and the victim’s Saab car was stolen using car keys that the offenders found at the address.

The Saab was driven to Cranbrook where it was then involved in a second burglary. At the scene the offenders dumped a child car seat from the car on the victim’s driveway and then stole electrical items and jewellery.

Following the two burglaries, the car was driven to Ayelsham, Canterbury where the team's next team victim was alone.

At around 2pm, the 37 year-old reported seeing three men walking past her window and she went to investigate. As she opened the door three men barged past her into her home, and she was grabbed around the throat and threatened with a hammer. Jewellery and cash was stolen from the address.

Two days later a second robbery was committed. A 52 year-old woman in Folkestone was threatened with a large kitchen knife and pulled to the floor by her hair, causing a lump of it to fall out.

She managed to escape and attract the attention of a passing motorist. Some of the jewellery that was taken was recovered by officers. A car was also taken.

Having viewed CCTV from the property, detectives from Maidstone police station identified the suspects. Jeremy Waller, George Dunn and Anthony Wood have been sent to prison.

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