New 60s drama on ITV

New drama starring Jack Davenport starts on ITV this evening. Set in the 1960s, Breathless follows the lives of doctors and nurses outside the hospital.

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New ITV Drama is sure to leave you Breathless

After the huge success of Downton Abbey, there is a new ITV Drama on the block this Autumn. "Breathless" is set in the sixties and follows the lives of a group of doctors and nurses.

It is a glamorous world where everything and everyone has their place - but underneath the stylish surface - all is not what it seems.

Sarah Cooper has been behind the scenes to uncover some of the show's secrets. The show, starring Jack Davenport and Joanna Page, starts tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Jack Davenport stars in new ITV drama

A scene from new ITV drama Breathless, which stars Jack Davenport Credit: ITV

A stylish new ITV medical drama, Breathless starts tonight at 9pm starring Jack Davenport. It follows the lives of a group of doctors and nurses working in a London hospital in 1961, a world in which everything and everyone has their place.

But underneath the shiny veneer there are lies, deception and guilty secrets, driven by love, ambition and sex. We were given an exclusive preview of the series which will be available on our website later.


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