Police officer award nominaton

A police officer from Hampshire Police has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award by Hampshire Police Federation.

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Hampshire officer 'credit to the service'

Tony Jeacock has been nominated for bravery award Credit: Hampshire Police

A Hampshire police officer has been nominated for a bravery award after he was pelted with bricks during an arrest.

Sergeant Tony Jeacock was on patrol in Waterlooville in August 2011 when he responded to a report of criminal damage to a vehicle.

Sergeant Jeacock located the men who ran from the car who rounded on him and contintued to punch and kick him.

Sgt Jeacock managed to use his CS spray and the men ran off.

The officer ran after them and caught one of the men, who he arrested after a scuffle.

Two other man approached him during the arrest and started throwing bricks and wood at him.

He managed to keep hold of the suspect on the ground until other units arrived and the men ran off.

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said, “Sergeant Jeacock demonstrated great bravery and professionalism during a sustained attack. I am very proud of him”.

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