Swan causing delays on M25

There are major delays on the M25 clockwise between J9 A243 / B2430 (Leatherhead) and J15 M4.

M25 swan unharmed and off the road

swan rescue
The swan from the M25 is now in the care of the Swan Lifeline Credit: Swan Lifeline

The swan that has caused delays on the M25 is now in the hands of Berkshire charity Swan Lifeline.

The charity confirmed that the swan was taken by police to the local vets and has sustained no injuries after ending up on the motorway - causing 90 minute traffic queues.


Swan on M25 causes traffic delays


Late turn are in and it's raining and cats and dogs, and swans!!Reports of 2 Swans on the #M25.One has been caught by one of our officers!


#M25 11>>10 no trace of the Swan, 13>>12 off duty RPU on there way home have managed to capture the Swan.