Help for domestic abuse victims

Surrey Police receive 1000 domestic violence reports every week

Live updates

Domestic Abuse awareness

Surrey Police are holding events across the county offering domestic abuse victims advice and support.

The theme for the week is ‘Healthy Relationships’ prompting people to choose the words that best describe their relationship.

Descriptions like controlling, dishonest or pressurised can be a sign that the relationship is less healthy and could later involve sexual or physical violence.

It is a sad fact that Surrey Police gets approximately a thousand reports a month relating to domestic abuse. That being said, I would like more people to report domestic abuse, if they are experiencing it. Domestic abuse is socially unacceptable and no one should have to experience abuse at the hands of their partner. The police’s role is to protect the lives of both adults and children who are at risk as a result of domestic abuse; and investigate all reports of domestic abuse thoroughly.”

– Jon Savell, Detective Superintendent at Surrey Police


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