Who's the 2013 celebrity guy?

Which celebrity will go up in smoke for this year's annual Edenbridge Bonfire night

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Full report: Who is the 2013 celebrity Guy?

Around this time every year someone somewhere receives the news that they are to be burned at the stake or at least that their thirty-foot effigy will be.

They learn that they have been picked as a Bonfire Society's annual 'guy'. Previous 'victims' have included Lance Armstrong, Cherie Blair, Katie Price, Gordon Brown and Russell Brand.

So who've they gone for this year? Well here's a clue: her effigy carries the words "speak before you think". Derek Johnson reports.

Wayne Rooney, Tony Blair... Now it's Katie Hopkins turn!

A 30 foot effigy of outspoken television personality Katie Hopkins will be burned this weekend in Kent.

A steel-framed model of Katie will go up in flames this weekend at Edenbridge's annual bonfire night.

Lance Armstrong, Wayne Rooney and Tony Blair have previously been chosen as celebrity guys.

Artist Frank Shepherd said that they would welcome Katie Hopkins to set fire her effigy!


Which celebrity will go up in smoke?

We'll find out today which celebrity guy will be burnt at the stake for this year's annual Edenbridge bonfire night. Wayne Rooney, Tony Blair and Lance Armstrong have all been torched in previous years. The society will reveal all later.

A celebrity guy will be torched at the Edenbridge Bonfire Credit: ITV Meridian
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