Bonfire night in the South

Bonfire night preparations are underway across the South, but the biggest celebration will take place in Lewes in Sussex. 6 different societies compete at the event.

Live updates

Lewes Bonfire celebrations

It's thought to be the biggest bonfire night celebration in the world. 30 thousand people descended on the town of Lewes in Sussex last night to watch 6 bonfire societies parade through the narrow streets.

86 people were treated for minor injuries and 14 arrests were made. But overall, it was a spectacular night - Charlotte Wilkins was there.

Thousands turn up for Lewes bonfire night

Over 30,000 people turned up last night for the annual Lewes Bonfire celebrations.

A total of 14 arrests were made, two of which were for throwing fireworks.

Eighty-six were treated by ambulance crews, with four being taken to hospital.

None of the injuries were believed to be serious.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue had a relatively quiet night, dealing with 6 incidents.

One was an out of control bonfire.


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