Council "threat" to Zippy doll

A council threatened to impound a Zippy doll being displayed at a bus stop outside a shop.

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Row over Zippy mascot

Now, he's one of the most well-known faces of children's television. But he's causing controversy in Bournemouth.

You see - the council has threatened to impound Zippy - the shop mascot - for being a hazard to pedestrians. But now the shop has started a campaign to put Mr Zippy back. Sally Simmonds has been to investigate.

Zippy row: Council statement

Robert Hotchkiss, Senior Civil Enforcement Officer at Bournemouth Council, said:

“We have received a number of complaints about the Zip Yard in Winton and the use of their life sized Mr Zippy.

"It has been causing an obstruction on the pavement for pedestrians and for users of the bus stop outside.

"The Mr Zippy dummy is covered under the Highways Act 1980 in the same way that ‘A’ boards are.

"They are tolerated in Bournemouth as long as they are in close proximity to the shop and not on the kerbside or away from the property.

"In this instance the Mr Zippy dummy was left by the bus stop creating a hazard for pedestrians.

"We have therefore taken the appropriate action to issue a notice of removal to the shop owners.

"We welcome the owners of the Zip Yard to get in contact with us to discuss their situation further.”


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