Inquiry into Gurkha Welfare

A Gurkha from Reading may be close to ending his hunger-strike after a dramatic Government intervention.

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VIDEO: Gurkha hunger strike ends

He hadn't eaten for 15 days and was drifting in and out of consciousness. But today a Gurkha from Reading ended his hunger-strike, after a dramatic intervention by MPs

When Meridian highlighted Gyanraj Rai's protest on Monday, he said he was prepared to die for his cause: securing retired Gurkhas the same pensions as their British counterparts.

Today MPs brokered a deal to end the hunger-strike. The breakthrough follows a remarkable campaign by Kent schoolboy - George Taylor. Phil Hornby has this report.

Joanna Lumley to meet hunger striker

Joanna Lumley and members of the Gurkha Justice Campaign will meet with the hunger striking Gurkha, Gyanraj Rai, who is camped opposite Downing Street, to discuss the announcement on Gurkha's Welfare.

Joanna Lumley will meet hunger striking Reading Gurkha Gyanraj Rai Credit: PA

Martin Howe, solicitor and joint founder of the Gurkha Justice Campaign said:

"This presents a unique opportunity to finally settle genuine issues of concern and allows Gurkhas to continue to be held with affection by the UK Government and people.

We are grateful to Parliament for taking up these important issues and for indicating its support for the work of the Parliamentary Inquiry."


Statement on Gurkha welfare inquiry

Whilst there have been significant developments in recent years in terms of the pay and conditions of Gurkha soldiers and the extension of the right to settlement there remain some outstanding grievances which the Gurkhas are determined to have addressed. It is for this reason that the All Party Group is to hold this inquiry. This will give the Gurkhas the opportunity to make their case to a committee of Parliamentarians and for the Ministry of Defence to publicly address the points”.

– Jackie Doyle-Price, Chair of the All Party Group on Gurkha Welfare

MPs to hold inquiry into Gurkha Welfare

The All Party Group on Gurkha Welfare is to hold a committee of inquiry into the outstanding grievances on the part of retired Gurkhas and the Gurkha community in the UK.

It follows the campaigning of schoolboy George Taylor from Gravesend in Kent, who launched an e-petition on the Downing Street website.

Hunger striker Gyanraj Rai reacts to the news that there will be an inquiry Credit: ITV Meridian
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