Illustrious helps typhoon effort

The Portsmouth-based aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious is in the Philippines to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

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Portsmouth-based warship delivers aid to Philippines

Portsmouth-based, HMS Illustrious, is continuing its mission to deliver 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid in the Philippines.

The ship is stationed off the coast of the filipino island of Panay - as the crew focus their effort on dozens of smaller islands to the west - many of which had not received any aid since Typhoon Haiyan.

For the 950 people on-board, though, it means Christmas away from home. Well, ITV Correspondent, Dan Rivers is with them - and sent this

HMS Illustrious delivers aid to Philippine islands

Aid is loaded onboard Credit: Royal Navy

Helicopters from HMS Illustrious have begun to deliver aid, people and equipment to small Philippine islands devastated by Typhoon Haiyan over a fortnight ago.

Lift off for aid effort Credit: Royal Navy

The Portsmouth-based helicopter and commando carrier arrived in the region to the north of Panay on Monday and immediately began surveying nearby islands to assess their needs.

Teams were sent to three islands Credit: Royal Navy

Recce teams were sent to three islands – Calagnaan, Canas and Bayas – and found extensive damage to homes and local infrastructure with little in the way of long term food supplies.


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