Dino sells for £400k at auction

A dinosaur skeleton has sold for £400,000 at auction in Sussex.

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Giant dinosaur skeleton sold for £400,000 at auction

We're often used to hearing about works of art selling for great sums at auctions - but a most unusual lot has just gone under the hammer in Sussex. A diplodocus/or diplodocus fossil, that's 150 million years old, was sold to the highest bidder.

It was predicted to go for over half a million pounds - so what did the new owner pay - and who on earth bought it? Charlotte Wilkins has been to find out.

Giant dinosaur skeleton sells for £400,000 at auction

Dinosaur skeleton sells for £400,00 Credit: ITV News Meridian

A giant skeleton of a dinosaur which last roamed Earth more than 150 million years ago has fetched £400,000 at auction.

The 55ft (17m) specimen of the long-necked Diplodocus longus went under the hammer at Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

The sale of the female skeleton, 19ft (6m) tall and nicknamed "Misty", was the first UK auction of a large dinosaur skeleton, according to experts.


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