Student makes flame thrower

A student at Oxford university showed up to a party with his home-made flame thrower.

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University will 'discipline' flame thrower student

The student who showed up to a fancy dress party with his own flame thrower will be 'disciplined' according to the Dean of Christ Church.

The Very Reverend Christopher Lewis had this to say:

I understand there was an incident in the main quad at Christ Church outside the end-of-term party on Saturday. The college is investigating and the student concerned will be disciplined.

– The Very Reverend Christopher Lewis, Dean of Christ Church


Student turns up to party with his own flame thrower

Officials at Oxford university had to close a party down when a student turned up with his home made flame thrower.

Inigo Lapwood, 20, said he made the weapon using parts from a nail gun and diesel engine glow plug and a canister of butane gas.

Student Inigo Lapwood with his home-made weapon Credit: South West News Service

The Christ Church annual event was a fancy dress party, with Mr Lapwood dressing up as the rock band Arcade Fire.

The college is planning on punishing the student, who is in his second year studying philosophy and psychology.

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