Volunteers knit very very long scarf for submarine in Gosport

A group of volunteers have knitted a giant scarf for a World War Two era submarine in Gosport in Hampshire.

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Giant 400m scarf to keep submarine 'warm in winter' brings community together in knitting project

Giant scarf for HMS Alliance unveiled Credit: Royal Navy Submarine Museum

More than two hundred volunteers have knitted over a thousand squares to make a 400-metre long scarf for a submarine at a museum in Hampshire.

The community project involved knitters from the Women’s Institute, local churches, sheltered housing schemes and social knitting groups.

Scarf Knitters from Gosport WI & Priddy’s Purlers from l to r: Trixie Hayward, Margaret Draper, Valerie Ford, Enid Fletcher Credit: Royal Navy Submarine Museum

The giant scarf wrapped around HMS Alliance will be displayed for a few days, if the weather is good. In the New Year it will displayed in the Learning Centre at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport.

More than 200 knitters make scarf to keep submarine 'warm through winter'

The members of more than forty community groups have knitted a 400-metre long scarf for a submarine in Hampshire.

More than two hundred people took part in the project - they knitted 1,337 squares to make the finished piece for the vessel which is based at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport.

It is all part of a fun scheme to 'keep the submarine warm' during the winter - an initiative to bring the museum and the local community together.

“We are very grateful and totally amazed with results from our local knitters. Knitting has a long tradition in the Royal Navy, from the much loved woolly submarine jumpers to mending clothing while at sea. This community project has been a perfect way to develop interest in HMS Alliance”**

– Gareth Brettell, Education Manager at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum


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