Blind puppy abandoned in Kent

The Labrador cross was found dumped in a park despite being blind in both eyes.

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  1. David Johns (@DavidJohns_ITV)

Blind pup rescued by Kent animal shelter

12-week-old blind puppy Belle was abandoned in a Kent park. A member of the public brought her to Happy Endings animal centre in Faversham.

The animal centre says that this time of year is especially busy but it is crucial the pup gets the medical attention she needs. David Johns speaks to Kate Arrowsmith, Vet; Chris Johns, Animal Sanctuary Founder; and Liz Vallance, Animal Fosterer.

Visit for more information or call 01795 530371

Blind puppy left terrified after she was dumped in Kent park

Belle the puppy was dumped in a park in Kent. Credit: ITV Meridian

12-week-old puppy Belle was left by her owners in a park despite being blind in both eyes.

Luckily, she was rescued by who animal lovers and taken to Happy Endings Animal Rescue in Faversham to recover.

The 12-week-old puppy has bundles of energy Credit: ITV Meridian

At the moment the cute pup is living with a foster mum to be trained before the search for a long-term home begins.

The animal charity is currently raising funds in order to treat the puppy as well as feed the other animals at the centre.


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