Boy meets Portsmouth kidney donor

A 12-year-old boy got the chance to meet the man from Portsmouth who saved his life.

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Boy meets selfless Hampshire kidney donor

A 12-year-old boy has finally come face-to-face with a stranger who saved his life by donating his kidney.

Tom Higgs is the first person at Great Ormond Street Hospital to receive a kidney from a living donor.

Tom met his donor, Roger Sutton, who is a 53-year-old GP, after the pair exchanged letters through their transplant co-ordinators.

Tom suffers from a rare type of kidney disease since he was five and has been on the donor list since he was eight.

Tom's mum Vicky said: "Our lives have changed so much, it's hard to believe. When we heard about the match, we were told that the organ was from a living donor who had decided to donate a kidney to a stranger. We were really surprised that someone would be so selfless."

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