Oxford road reopens after landslide

A road in Oxford will open today - a year after heavy rain caused the road to crack and eventually close.

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Oxford landslide road re-opens after huge repair

An Oxfordshire road that had to be closed for a year because of a landslide is to be re-opened today.

The damage was caused by heavy rain and flooding in the area late last year.

The road was shut on the 20th December 2012 between Hinksey Hill and Bagley Wood after a 60m section of road slipped down the hillside.

The council spent the months following the landslide repairing the road in a £1m project.

Oxford Cllr David Nimmo Smith said: "It has been an enormous task to undertake all the necessary survey work, come up with the solution and then the physical repair work itself. We appreciate that local people, bus users and others have been significantly affected by the need to close the road."


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