Portsmouth tackles anti-social behaviour

A dispersal order is in place to stop anti-social behaviour in Buckland.

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Portsmouth dispersal order tackles anti-social behaviour

A dispersal order to stop anti-social behaviour in Buckland came into effect on24th December 2013 and will run for 3 months.

The dispersal order covers the area of between New Road, Ernest Road andHampshire Street, as well as the area between Kingston Crescent, Mile End Road, Church Street, Lake Road and Kingston Road.

The dispersal means that police and community support officers can use powers to disperse groups who are likely to cause anti-social behaviour.

If someone remains in the area, after being told to leave, they can be fined up to £2,500 and/or face three monthsimprisonment.

These orders are not about moving on groups of young people who aresimply socialising or hanging out with their friends. It’s about tackling the minoritythat are causing anti-social behaviour or nuisance in these areas. People can be reassured that Portsmouth City Council are working closely withthe police and residents to make sure the few who are causing a nuisance oranti-social behaviour will not spoil the city for the majority.”

– Roy Goulding, Anti-Social Behaviour Unit Manager at Portsmouth City Council
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