Kent council prepare to fix potholes caused by bad weather

An increasing number of potholes are expected to need filling across Kent, due to the bad weather over Christmas.

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Potholes in Kent to be fixed when water drains away

Highway crews in Kent are getting ready to fix the increased number of potholes in the county, due to the severe weather and flooding over Christmas and New Year.

Over the holiday period, the Highways Management Centre dealt with over 1,500 calls about fallen trees.

Damage will be repaired on a priority basis but work can only begin when the water has drained away.

Many highways staff cancelled or postponed holidays over Christmas as roads across the county were closed by flooding or safety concerns over fallen trees.

David Brazier, Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment said, "We are aware that many people suffered as a result of the severe weather. Our roads and infrastructure received a battering too.

"The extreme wet weather will cause potholes and we have geared up to tackle this."

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