Brighton Sea Life Centre need help saving sharks

The Brighton Sea Life Centre is appealing for people to help them prevent the slaughter of endangered sharks on the other side of the world.

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Saving sharks in Oz: Planned cull sparked outrage

Staff at the Brighton Sea Life Centre are outraged at plans in Australia to cull sharks, in an attempt to improve safety for beach goers.

The Government of Western Australia has announced the multi-million dollar plan, which includes setting baited hooks off beaches around Perth.

After seven fatal shark attacks in three years, the cull has not gone down well around the world.

The curator at the Sea Life Centre, Carey Duckhouse said:

Apart from the fact that many shark species are already on the brink of extinction due to over fishing and decades of persecution, the proposed solution to Perth's shark-attack problem is more likely to exacerbate than to solve it.

They want to attach lines and baited hooks to drums a mile off-shore and pay commercial fishermen to patrol them and kill any captured shark over three metres long.

That could include Great Whites, which are a protected species and in sharp decline, as well as species like Tiger and Bull sharks.

– Carey Duckhouse, Curator at Brighton Sea Life Centre

Anyone who would like to register their opposition to the proposed cull can do so by clicking here.

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