Rescuers save Queenie stranded at Windsor

The RSPCA have rescued a rabbit that became stranded in sports pavilion in Windsor during the floods.

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Queenie rescued from flooded pavilion at Windsor

A wild rabbit that became stranded on a flooded sports pavilion in Windsor has been rescued by two members of the RSPCA's water response unit.

The rabbit, nicknamed 'Queenie' was swept up in a long handled net and carried back to safety in a pet carrier.

RSPCA rescuers wade out to 'Queenie' the rabbit Credit: RSPCA

Queenie has since been released in a nearby park. The rabbit is one of seventy animals rescued from the recent flooding by RSPCA officers.

Queenie after her rescue adventure Credit: RSPCA

RSPCA Inspector Jo Bowling said:

“The water had come right up to the concrete base of the pavilion cutting the rabbit off from the grass.

A rabbit sized hole has been gnawed into the door of the sports pavilion so it’s possible there is another rabbit hiding inside.

"We’ve left lots of hay so it’s got plenty to eat until the floodwater subsides. Given our charity’s association with the Royal Household it was lovely to help an animal just a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle.

"Although we cannot be 100 per cent sure Queenie was a girl she had a very regal air about her so we thought the name was fitting. There was a flag up at Windsor Castle so who knows, the Queen may have been watching.”

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