Michael Fallon named as Minister for Portsmouth

Michael Fallon named as Minister of Portsmouth.

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David Cameron announces new Minister of Portsmouth

David Cameron has appointed Michael Fallon as the Minister of Portsmouth.

The role has come about to help the city recover from the loss of Navy shipbuilding jobs.

Fallon was named minister with special responsibility to support job growth in the city.

It is thought to be the first minister that has been given responsibility for a particular city since Micael Heseltine was made minister of Liverpool in 1981.

Michael Fallon set to be Minister of Potsmouth

Michael Fallon is set to be named as Minister of Portsmouth.

It follows the loss of Royal Navy shipbuilding in the city, to try and help it recover from this.

Michael Fallon is a former conservative deputy chairman and is currently in a ministerial post in the Departments for Business and Energy.

This new role has been welcomed by politicians in Portsmouth, who said the port city needed support following the decision to move Navy shipbuilding to Scotland, with 1000 jobs going at BAE Systems' shipyard.

Leader of Portsmouth City Council, Gerald Vernon-Jackson said, "I am glad this it seems ministers are listening and we are going to have someone like Michael to help cope with the loss of ship-building.

"The loss of ship-building is a real blow for Portsmouth so it is about to trying to replace those an find additional work for them."

Michael Fallon due to be appointed as Minister of Portsmouth Credit: Press Association


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