Protests at plans to cut free bus travel in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council wants to introduce bus charges for parents to send their children to school if they don't go to their nearest school. Oxfordshire School Bus Action Group has been protesting against the move.

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Parents protest against plans to cut school bus service

Oxfordshire County Council has launched a new consultation on proposals to reduce the amount it spends on home-to-school transport - following a decision in July to look again at the plans.

Currently, some children receive free transport despite attending schools which are not the nearest available to them. In some cases, children receive free transport to school even though an alternative school exists within walking distance.

This level of provision is more generous than the national statutory level and is not considered sustainable given the on-going pressure on public finances and the need for the council to identify potential savings across all service areas.

– Oxfordshire County Council statement

But some parents disagree. They've been protesting today and some say removing the free service will mean their children have to walk across open fields or on routes without pavements, as there is no public bus service that can be used as an alternative.


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