Sussex surfer fights off shark in New Zealand

A surfer from Crawley has fought off a shark by punching it in the face as it mauled him in New Zealand.

Darren Mills is recovering in hospital after emergency surgery.

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British surfer describes shark attack in New Zealand

A British man who fought off a shark while surfing in New Zealand has described the moment he was attacked as "pretty scary".

Darren Mills, 28, suffered three bite wounds to the leg but made it to shore.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he said accounts that described him thumping the baby Great White in the water were overblown.

"I tried to punch it but it was more like a push," he said.

Sussex surfer recovering after shark attack

The surfer who was attacked by a shark at a Southland beach has told of how he fought off the animal by trying to punch it.

28-year old Darren Mills from Crawley received three deep bite wounds between his thigh and calf. He was flown by rescue helicopter to Southland Hospital.

"When it hit me, it sort of pushed me out, and I sort of realised what was going on ... and I tried to punch it," Mr Mills told ONE News in New Zealand

Mr Mills missed the first wave and was pretty scared it was going to come back.

But the shark stayed away, and he made it back to shore safely.

In an ironic twist, twelve days earlier Mr Mills took a ride on a submersible shark for a tourism promotion dubbed 'James Bond for the day in Queenstown'.

A video of his expedition has been posted on YouTube.


Sussex surfer punches shark to escape attack

Darren Mills from Crawley on his Facebook page Credit: Facebook

Darren Mills is lucky to be alive after fighting off the 10 foot shark by punching it in the face.

He needed emergency surgery after suffering three bite wounds to his leg, but is said to be recovering well in hospital. He believes he was attacked by a baby Great White shark.

Site of the shark attack Credit: Meridian

The 28 year old is originally from Crawley in Sussex but emigrated to New Zealand several years ago. His partner is thought to have been on the beach when the attack happened.

British surfer escapes shark by punching it in the face

Great white shark Credit: PA

A surfer from Sussex is recovering in hospital after fighting off a shark by punching it in the face as it mauled him in New Zealand.

Darren Mills from Crawley was surfing at Porpoise Bay on South Island when the animal sank its teeth into his upper leg.

Darren was attacked by a 10 foot shark Credit: PA

After seeing it off, he managed to get to shore but was left bleeding heavily from three bite wounds.

Members of the public rushed to help him and a passing doctor battled to stem the blood loss.

The 28 year old had emergency surgery after being flown to hospital in a helicopter.

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