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TRAVEL - TRAINS: Southeastern - lines reopen after train fault - Wadhurst & Tunbridge Wells

Delays on services into Paddington

First Great Western have issued a major alert to passengers to expect hardly any services to run into Paddington from the Thames Valley this morning.

Hundreds of thousands could be hit on one of the busiest lines.

Massive signal problems at Maidenhead caused by flooding mean only four trains an hour instead of the usual 25 may run.

That could mean just four trains an hour rather than the usual 25 an hour into Paddington. There could be severe disruption as services are reduced.

We strongly advise passengers to check before they travel. We will do all we can to operate trains but at this stage we can not guarantee services. We apologise to passengers."

– Dan Panes, First Great Western

TRAVEL - TRAINS: SUSSEX - Southeastern - disruption because of landslip between Wadhurst and Battle


TRAVEL - TRAINS: First Great Western advises people not to travel by rail unless 'absolutely necessary'

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