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More rain is set to hit the South in the next 48-hours.

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Police name man killed by power cables in Wiltshire

A man who died after trying to move a tree caught in power lines has been named.

Roger Winston Hayward, who was 71-years-old and from Wiltshire, is believed to have been electrocuted.

Mr Hayward is believed to have tried to move a fallen tree, brought down by the high winds yesterday afternoon, which had also brought down power cables.

Police and ambulance services attended the scene and sadly pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Local Inspector Nick Mawson said, "I would like to remind the public to be extremely careful with any fallen trees, particularly if power lines are involved.

"Please call 999 so that we can come and secure the area."



Man dies as he tried to move tree blown over by winds

As winds of more than 100mph hit the region, an elderly man died as he tried to move a tree which had brought down power cables in Wiltshire.

It's believed he was electrocuted.

The River Thames is still on flood alert as it could reach its highest level in 60 years, leading to concerns for Windsor and Maidenhead.

More than 200 people who got into trouble in floods in Surrey were helped by the fire and rescue service yesterday.

14 severe flood warnings still in place along Thames

Severe flood warnings are still in place along the Thames, with 14 warnings of severe flooding and danger to life. The warnings are at:

  • River Thames at Chertsey
  • River Thames at Sheppperton Green
  • Properties closest to the River Thames between Littleton Lane (Shepperton Green) and Shepperton Lock
  • River Thames at Hamm Court
  • River Thames at Laleham
  • River Thames at Staines and Egham
  • Properties closest to the River Thames between Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, Staines and Penton Hook
  • River Thames at Horton
  • River Thames at Wraysbury
  • Properties closest to the River Thames at Wraysbury between Old Windsor Weir and Magna Carta Island
  • River Thames at Old Windsor
  • Properties closest to the River Thames at Old Windsor from Firday Island to Magna Carta Island
  • River Thames at Datchet
  • Properties closest to the River Thames at Datchet, between Black Potts Bridge and Albert Bridge

More wind and rain set to hit in the next 48-hours

The South is getting ready to face yet more flooding in the next 48-hours as a new area of rain and strong winds will head our way from the South West.

The next band of rain is thought to hit tomorrow Credit: Met Office

Gusts of winds up to 80mph could be possible along the most exposed parts of the south coast.

The Met Office are warning that the impact of this rainfall may affect areas that are already flooded.

The rain is thought to clear away by Saturday morning.

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