Waterlogged field in New Forest 'ripples' under foot

The floods have created a strange side-affect in a field in the New Forest as severely waterlogged ground ripples beneath a couples feet.

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Flooded field turns into co-called 'waterbed'

Flooding has turned a section of ground in the New Forest - into a sort of water bed.

This footage filmed by some local walkers shows the land undulating under foot - well we wanted to find out what was going on - and if this 'quaking bog' - is anything to worry about.

Earlier, ITV Meridian's Phil Hornby caught up with Bryan Wilson from the New Forest National Authority to find out more.

Waterlogged field wobbles and bubbles underfoot

A strange side effect of the recent flooding has caused the ground in a Hampshire field to ripple underfoot.

Ben Havers filmed his friends and their dog bouncing on the waterlogged earth at Canada Common in the New Forest.

“We just happened upon it - there were several similar patches to this one," said Mr Havers. "This was the first one we came across. It was about 10ft sq in area.”

Later in the video the couple pierce the field's surface with a stick, causing wet mud to bubble out of the hole.


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