Anger at crematorium plans to clear memorabilia

A crematorium in Sussex is removing personal memorabilia left by families to mark the spot where ashes have been scatter, saying there has been a huge increase.

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  1. Malcolm Shaw

Families beg crematorium to keep mementos on display

The issue of bereaved relatives and friends leaving personal memorabilia to mark the spot where their loved one's ashes have been scattered is becoming more and more contentious across the region.

There's been a huge increase in the number of items, including miniature headstones, ornaments and even fencing.

Now, one crematorium at Worthing in West Sussex has decided to remove the items - saying they are inappropriate. But some mourners say the objects help them remember their loved ones.

The interviewees in Malcolm Shaw's report are: Sheila Howell, a Crematorium visitor and Councillor Clive Roberts, Conservative, Worthing Council.


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