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Sun set to shine on the South

The warmer weather is set to continue this weekend with the latest forecast predicting that it will become increasingly sunny on Saturday.

After a cloudy, murky start with some hill fog across England and Wales, it will becoming increasingly sunny and feeling warm, particularly in the south east

On Sunday it will remain sunny in south east England and feeling warm. The top temperature could be 16 degrees Celsius, according to the Met Office.

There will be variable cloud and sunny periods on Monday and Tuesday

First English strawberries on sale thanks to warm winter

A major supermarket is putting its first English strawberries on sale tomorrow thanks to the warm winter.

Tesco said that the sale of strawberries, which coincides with predicted warmer weather this weekend, will begin a week earlier than last year.

The strawberries going on sale have been grown in Chichester, West Sussex.

Tesco strawberry buyer Simon Mandelbaum said: "We are a nation of strawberry-lovers who cannot get our hands on the English crop quick enough and this year will be no exception - we are expecting a mad rush.

"Good levels of sunshine and unseasonably warm weather so far in March have been key for our growers, giving them an early crop."


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