Two-year-old forced to wait six hours for a hospital bed

A two-year-old boy was forced to wait six hours because doctors couldn't find him a bed at Southampton General Hospital.

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Hospital 'sorry' after parents are unhappy with sons care

A spokesperson from the University Hospital Southampton gave this statement regarding the 'absolutely appalling" care a couple's two-year-old son received after waiting six hours for a hospital bed.

While we are sorry to hear Mr and Mrs Giles are unhappy with the care their son received, these issues had not previously been raised with us and we are not familiar with the accounts presented through the media.

However, we would be happy to discuss any aspect of Callum's treatment with his parents directly and investigate any remaining concerns they have to ensure we offer them complete reassurance about our processes and procedures."

– University Hospital Southampton


Busy hospital ward leaves boy waiting six hours for bed

The parents of a two-year-old boy who had to wait six hours because doctors couldn't find him a hospital bed are demanding an apology.

Callum Giles became sick last week and when his condition worsened, his parents John and Marie rushed him to Southampton General Hospital.

Despite battling a blood infection, being hooked up to a drip and lying across two chairs pushed together, his parents were told by medical staff that he would have to wait because there was no room.

John and Marie say they are 'absolutely appalled' at the care Callum was given.

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