Gold jewellery worth £10,000 stolen

More than £10,000 worth of gold jewellery has been stolen in a burglary in Brighton. Police are appealing for witnesses.

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Burglar was "looking for small items" to sell on

Police investigating the theft of more than £10,000 worth of gold jewellery in Sussex are asking anyone offered the chance to buy gold jewellery at low prices to contact them.

A burglar stole items including rings and bracelets from a house in Rushlake Road in Brighton.

Whoever broke in searched the house thoroughly before leaving with the large quantity of gold jewellery. High value electrical items such as laptops and TVs were left behind which would suggest the thief was only looking for small items that could be easily carried away and sold on.

If you are offered the chance to buy gold jewellery at low prices please contact us. I would also urge residents to be watchful for people acting suspiciously in their community. If you see someone behaving oddly near your home or one of your neighbours' homes please call 999 immediately."

– Detective Constable Scott Moore, Sussex Police

Wife's jewellery stolen from widower

Gold bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings were among items worth more than £10,000 which have been stolen in a burglary in Brighton.

An intruder forced open the window of a home in Rushlake Road and searched the house, some time between 6pm on 18th March and 11am on 19th March 2014.

When the 63-year-old owner returned home he found his suitcase of distinctive Asian gold jewellery, much of which had belonged to his late wife, had been stolen.

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses.


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