30 years since Chatham Dockyard closed its doors

It closed its doors 30 years ago, causing thousands of workers in Kent to lose their jobs. But since Chatham Dockyard shut down in 1984, millions of pounds has been spent regenerating both the site and the town.

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"A bolt from the blue": Chatham remembers the day the dockyard closed 30 years ago

It came as a bolt from the blue. The devastating news that Chatham Dockyard was to close after 400 years in operation. The Navy was pulling out and thousands of workers would lose their jobs.

It was a dark day for the people of Medway, but slowly, bit by bit, the town and the dockyard fought back, turning the site into a vibrant business community and visitor attraction. Now, 30 years on, the future is still bright.

Andrea Thomas has been speaking to Philip Lewing, a former engineer at the dockyard, Brian Jenkins, president of the Chatham Dockyard Historical Society and Bill Ferris, Chief Executive of the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust.

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